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A professionally managed integrated unit with its presence in Calcutta and endeavouring for its diversified wings in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. We are in the process in starting up of our own Software Development Division for Software, e.g., Production Unit Management, Nursing Home/Hospital Management and Paperless College/university etc.
We have planned to risk investment for an eight member's team of young and experienced degree engineers with their further specialization in Software Development skills viz. Java, Oracle, MS Platform software, ASP, JSP, COM, DCOM, RMI, Beans, EJB, SQL Server, Socket Programming, WAP, .NET Platform softwares etc. A six months gestation period has been taken into consideration for the initial phase of gradual investments of five years tenure.
Since, we are in the final process of preparation of a Project Report for said Software Development unit, we are setting up
a nation-wide beneficial team and looking for Probationary SALES and MARKETING individuals with their professional qualifications in the respective fields. - Only the individuals with their determination to make this project viable.
Interested candidates are required to e-mail their applications and resumes at

webmaster@telitnetwork.itgo.com in order to enable us to finish said project report after March 31st. 2002. Short listed candidates will be asked to send their hardcopy applications by Certified/registered postal mail for selection.

Provisional Research Engineers

It's a long term and most prospective job. A job for the IT crazy persons who believe it to be an opportunity for him in proving his ability, he should be preferably from a B.E or B.Tech in Computer Science stream and the persons who are research minded. Since, we are not going to take any financial responsibility during the initial researching period first, one will have to prove his ability by showing us the feasibility of said job.

One needs to have expertise either in VC++/C++ or Oracle architecture. It is something about two Oracle servers may be located in different parts of the world, one of them (say, Orcl1) gets requests to process and update the database while the other (say, Orcl2) gets replication of the same requests in 100% upload time. The process initially sent to an Archive log analyzer from the former server by converting the data in to ASCII then replicated to the other Archive log analyzer located near the second server (Orcl2) by reverse engineering process, so that the former server - if any way - gets crashed or gets un-functional the later server supplies the requested data. In case the replicated data do not copied in whole, the server rolls back.

If the said job motivates you and you are desperate to take said researching job a challenge, may be a better prospects awaits you and the future is here. To know about us visit http://www.telitnetwork.itgo.com and all related links from this page and send a confirmation email at webmaster@telitnetwork.itgo.com one can ring us only from a Calcutta based Telephone exchange over the phone no: (033) 538 0854 for more details.

Phones: +91-33-25380854. Cell Phone: +91-98300 70416